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XtaLAB MM003

XtaLAB MM003

The XtaLAB MM003 system includes the MicroMax-003 microfocus sealed tube generator coupled to a double-bounce confocal optic and is designed for productive, low-maintenance research in your own lab. The MicroMax-003 is the perfect X-ray source for someone who wants the benefit of a microfocus X-ray source, with low power consumption and long tube life, without the added maintenance that goes with a more powerful rotating anode generator. This system occupies a small footprint, so it can be easily integrated into almost any lab space.

Optimized for small crystals

The MicroMax-003 is configured with a specially designed confocal Max-Flux® multilayer optic. This double-bounce optic provides up to 70 times better Cu Kβ suppression compared to single bounce optics, as well as lower divergence and higher intensity. This generator and optic source combination produces a very small beam, less than 100 microns at the crystal, so that more photons are on your small crystals rather than contributing to radiation background. The result is better signal to noise from your diffraction experiments.

HPAD detectors

Although you can choose either an HPAD or IP detector, the default detector for the XtaLAB MM003 system is the PILATUS3 R 200K hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD). HPAD detectors are ideal for this type of source because they are photon counting detectors that directly detect X-ray photons without the need the intermediate step of converting X-ray photons to light with a phosphor and because they have extremely low noise. These combined features, along with shutterless data collection, means that you can collect more accurate data faster. As a result, a XtaLAB MM003 system, coupled with the highly sensitive PILATUS3 R detector, gives you a great tool for both screening and structure solution.

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