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Analytical X-Ray - Protein Crystallography



The XtaLAB FR-X system includes a VariMax optic coupled with the FR-X rotating anode generator. The FR-X is the most intense home lab X-ray source in the world and enables data collection on the widest range of protein crystal samples. It delivers 2.5 times higher flux compared to the MicroMax-007 HF rotating anode generator but shares the same microfocus 70 μm focal spot size. When coupled with Rigaku’s VariMax optics, the FR-X delivers the highest brilliance for any commercially available rotating anode. As a result, it is possible to collect diffraction data for samples where no diffraction can be seen using a conventional rotating anode or sealed tube source.

Dual Port System with No Compromise in Beam Intensity

The FR-X also offers two X-ray ports and optional dual wavelength capabilities. When using both ports, there is no compromise in beam intensity as is observed with metal jet sources, which are known to suffer from lower intensity when used in a dual port configuration.

Detector options: HPAD and Imaging Plates

The XtaLAB MM007-HF system may be coupled with either an HPAD, such as the PILATUS3 R detectors that are known for high dynamic range and fast readout speed, or an imaging plate detector, such as the R-AXIS IV++. Both technologies offer outstanding performance for macromolecular crystallography experiments.

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