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New UHR SEM/i-FIB workstation

Whether your applications demand extremely powerful and ultra-fast micro-/nano- FIB machining, an outstanding image resolution at low beam energies, ultra-fast and reliable microanalysis or 3D analytical reconstructions, XEIA3 stands out as the ideal turnkey solution that offers all these capabilities in one single and unique instrument with ultimate performance.


  • Powerful ultra-high resolution SEM column equipped with a high brightness Schottky emitter for high currents, low noise and extraordinary imaging
  • In-Beam detectors for excellent imaging and very short working distances
  • Ultra-fast xenon plasma ion source FIB – high beam currents for outstanding milling speeds and an excellent performance in sputtering large volumes of material, and low beam currents for smooth polishing
  • Less implantation, doping or degradation of insulator deposition, a valuable feature for semiconductor industry
  • Simultaneous SEM imaging during FIB milling or deposition (the whole process can be observed directly) 
  • Unique and advanced TESCAN’s technologies in terms of automated operations such as the In-Flight Beam TracingTM designed to accurately compute and adjust all the optimal parameters for high resolution imaging
  • Advanced patterning and 3D characterisations capabilities powered by DrawBeam, a pattern editing tool that also provides a real-time visualisation during milling or lithographic processes
  • High-performance electronics for faster image acquisition up to 20 ns/pxl, an excellent deposition rate and ultra-fast scanning
  • Novel solution for fast 3-dimensional microanalysis such as 3D EDX and 3D EBSD sample reconstructions
  • 12’’, 8’’ and 6’’ wafer inspection by means of an extended chamber; an exclusive feature of TESCAN
  • Unique integration with TOF-SIMS
  • Gas Injection System (GIS) for enhancing your FIB applications
  • Powerful turbomolecular and dry fore vacuum pump for keeping the chamber clean. Electron gun pumping by ion getter pump in ultra-high vacuum

Specific solutions for specific needs

With the launch of XEIA3, TESCAN not only delivers an instrument top of its class but also fulfils its commitment to continue helping researchers push science and development forward. This is also reflected in the careful customisation of every system in order to meet specific needs. From materials science to life sciences or from engineering to semiconductor industry, TESCAN delivers systems without any compromise in performance. 

Extend the capabilities in all your FIB applications with Xe plasma ion source

XEIA3 combines the capabilities of an outstandingly fast and powerful xenon plasma ion source with an ultra-high resolution electron column. Such synergy allows for carrying out the most challenging large volume removal applications in beating times which have – up until now – never been achievable before. The highest precision, that only a sub-2 nm resolution of the electron column can guarantee, opens new possibilities in a wider range of applications in both research and the high-tech industry.

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