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ToniSET One

ToniSET One

Automatic Vicat needle instrument providing one measuring station for the determination of the setting characteristics of binding materials, preferably of:

   - cement, according to EN 196 and ASTM C 191

   - gypsum according to EN 13279 and ASTM C 472

   - mortar according to EN 480 and ASTM C 807


Key benefits for the user:

  • integrated, PC-independent control with a 5,7-inch touchscreen display
  • automatic test procedure including needle cleaning after each penetration
  • high-precision measurement of the penetration depth by an incremental measuring system
  • internal tempering of the water to 20°C at standard laboratory conditions
  • schedular or graphical display of initial set, final set as well as complete setting behavior
  • data transmission to a PC via USB interface for the extended test evaluation by the software VicatDB
  • quick conversion to all standards by simply exchange of the drop rod
  • storage of all results and parameters in a database
  • possibility to test under water or dry
  • flexible installation due to compact dimensions

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