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The SEM Imaging Platform


Scandium is our imaging platform for SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) applications. This software sets a standard of excellence with enticingly simple, yet intuitive user operation, a range of functions that interact perfectly and a structure that is flexible and modular. Scandium ensures smooth data exchange with the SEM, FIB and EDS software, controls connected devices. Ideally, the entire workflow - from the first to the last step - can all be conducted within Scandium. If need, Scandium is easily expandable via solution-oriented software extensions.


Scandium Solution "Detection"


The Solution Detection offers high-performance multi-phase particle detection. Thousands of image objects can be quantitatively detected and evaluated within seconds. Adjacent particles are automatically separated using special separation algorithms. If these automated routines do not yield the desired results, special morphological filters and Fourier filtering (FFT) for image optimization are available. For subsequent analysis, there are numerous particle parameters predefined. Sheet results are linked to the corresponding particles within the image.


Scandium Solution "Height"


The Scandium Solution Height is for generating and measuring height information. The height maps can be created based on stereo image pairs or based on a series of images acquired at various focal levels. The height of a point or the height profile along a polygonal shape is measured. A height map can be displayed as a 3-D reconstruction, making it easy for you to view it from different angles. Based on these height maps, this solution offers contact-less measurement of roughness and waviness. Roughness is measured according to DIN, ISO and ASTM standards.


Scandium Solution "Metrology"


The Scandium Solution Metrology is comprised of special functions for automatically measuring object structures. It enables you to automate complex, recurring image measurement sequences. Cross-sectional samples can be measured using the layer thickness functions – either interactively or automatically.

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