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General Laboratory - Balances and Moisture Analysers

Platform Scales HV-G / HW-G Series

Triple weighing ranges (HV-G), or 1/10,000 high resolution (HW-G)
Large and clear display: either VFD (20 mm) or LCD (25 mm)
Simple batch function and full/dribble batch function
IP65 compliant, dust and water-proof weighing platform
Washable and hygienic, stainless steel weighing pan
Built-in impact dot matrix printer (optional, and for the VFD type only)
Counting mode function
Percent mode function
Accumulation (M+) function
Comparator function
Auto power on function (for the VFD type only)
Auto power off function (for the LCD type only)
Adjustable display angle
Detachable display unit
Ability to connect up to 16 scales to a computer via the RS-422/485 (optional)
Roller conveyers available (optional)
Wide selection of 14 models in total
       HV-   GL : Triple weighing ranges & LCD display
       HV-   GV : Triple weighing ranges & VFD display
       HW-   GL : High resolution & LCD display
       HW-   GV : High resolution & VFD display

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