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MPS/P1 Embedding Center

The space-saving MPS/P1 is a complete paraffin dispensing unit including a 3.8 liters paraffin container, a heated working area and a cooling spot. The ergonomically elevated heated working area is illuminated with adjustable LED light and allows comfortable processing of specimen. All functions of the unit are controlled by an intuitive control panel including programmable working hours. Two heated trays provide a pre-warming capacity of 80 cassettes and 200 embedding molds.

MPS/P1 is equipped with a state of the art microprocessor that automatically regulates the temperatures of each area and container. Working hours and working days are programmable allowing an uninterrupted routine workflow.

  • Manual lever and foot switch for paraffin dispenser
  • Adjustable Magnifier
  • Ergonomic hand rest
  • Spacious and heated paraffin collection tray
  • 3.8 liters paraffin container
  • Cooling spot
  • Two heating trays for 80 cassettes and 200 embedding molds
  • Ergonomic working height
  • Working area with LED light
  • Intuitive control panel

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