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LYRA3 is a dual beam system that combines a high-resolution FE-SEM column with a versatile high-performance Ga ion source FIB. LYRA3 is an excellent choice for preparing cross-sections, site-specific high-quality TEM lamellae and, high-resolution FIB-SEM tomography for 3D sample reconstructions. Users can profit from the excellent resolution at high beam currents which has proved to be advantageous for analytical applications such as EDX, WDX, and EBSD. LYRA3 satisfies the nowadays needs for sample characterization and microanalysis in materials science and industry. In addition, beam/ion lithography as well as circuit editing of multi-layered microelectronic devices, are tasks at which LYRA3 excels. High-throughput and powerful yet easy-to-use software allows even novice users to effortlessly implement complex FIB-SEM applications such as 3D reconstructions, serial cross-sectioning, and lamellae preparation as well as correlative microscopy.

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