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High Performance Compact SIMS for Geoscience Laboratories

CAMECA’s IMS 7f-GEO is a new mono-collection compact SIMS model specifically designed to perform high precision / high throughput measurements in geological samples, i.e. stable isotopes, REE (Rare Earth Elements), trace elements... The analysis spot size can be adjusted to a few tens of microns. Images of trace elements and isotopes can be recorded on Field of View ranging from a few microns up to 500µm.

A unique detection system for high isotope ratio reproducibility

Derived from our proven IMS 7f and IMS 1280 instruments, the IMS 7f-GEO is equipped with a new, unique detection system combining a double Faraday cup detector system and an Electron Multiplier. Thanks to this configuration, acquisition time is shortened, and analyses are run in a pseudo bi-collection mode ensuring sub-permil precision in stable isotope ratio measurements. The double Faraday cup system is combined with a fast mass peak switching system (as fast as 0.3 sec at high mass resolving power) for further benefits in terms of precision and analysis throughput.

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