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Product line. We can now provide our customers with lithium borate fluxes that present the following features:


  • Outstanding purity
    • Manufacturing process located in a clean room - no external contamination
    • With the purest raw material available - minimal traces
    • Very low loss on fusion (less than 0.05%) - negligible weight errors
    • Pure grade: 99.99% pure - very good all-around analytical grade
    • Ultra-pure: 99.998+% pure -purest on the market

  • Micro-bead form
    • Very low hygroscopicity - spherical flux particles do not readily absorb humidity
    • No dust - no error due to flux losses on weighing containers
    • High density - no crucible overflows
    • High fluidity - faster weighing time


  • Pre-fused
    • Totally homogenous - every particle has the same composition

  • Optional non-wetting agent fused right in
    • Lithium bromide (LiBr) or iodide (LiI) are pre-fused in the flux - faster weighing time with better analytical accuracy

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