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Sample Preparation - Crushers

Crusher Boyd-RSD

One Step Crushing and Splitting Process With Rocklabs Boyd-RSD Combo!


The Rocklabs Boyd-RSD Combo consists of a Boyd Crusher and Rotating Sample Divider which operate in unison for a one step crushing and splitting process. In this combo, a sample is loaded into a Boyd Crusher where it is crushed; this crushed material falls into a vibrating feeder or onto a conveyor belt which transports the sample to a RSD standing alongside the Boyd Crusher, the RSD then splits out a portion for pulverising.


The positive aspects to using a Rocklabs Combo means there will be a reduction in handling, an increase in sample output and improved sample quality and reduced costs. An important fact to note is that COMBOs are not automated and settings such as split percentage can be changed manually. Rocklabs COMBOs are produced in small batches to minimise cost, but there can be some modifications to suit each installation. For example, a Boyd-RSD Combo normally has the RSD on the right of the Boyd but this can be reversed.




  • Highly efficient. Crushing and splitting in one operation
  • Maximum sample size of 55mm can be crushed to 2mm or less in one operation
  • Two splits only – sample and remainder. Split can be set from 2% – 50%
  • Feed rate up to 5kg per minute
  • Easy adjustment of crushing fineness and split percentage
  • Safety switches built in
  • Air ducting built in for dust extraction

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