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CoreAFM — The essence of AFM

The compact research AFM that offers best value for money

  Compact by design, with a complete and streamlined feature set
  A real performer that is both powerful and versatile
  Simplicity and functionality that offer top value for money

The CoreAFM is the result of intelligently combining the core components of AFM to achieve maximum versatility and user-friendliness. Due to this fundamental design approach, the CoreAFM is equipped to perform AFM at its best.

See for yourself how easy it is to prepare and operate the CoreAFM. Watch the video for a demonstration of the main features, and a brief tutorial on how to perform a measurement using this system.

Compact and complete

The fusion of a modern flexure-guided scanner, XYZ sample stage, camera, active vibration isolation table, and acoustic shielding in a single all-in-one unit results in a complete AFM system with an unparalleled compact footprint. The system comes with a fully digital 24-bit controller developed specifically for the CoreAFM scanhead. All the essential functions of modern AFM are integral components of the CoreAFM system; all you need to do to take the CoreAFM into operation is connect the controller, and plug in power and USB.

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