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COND 8 Bench With STIRRER With Cell 2301 T

Conductivity benchtop digital microprocessor with large graphic display 2-color backlit, resolution 0.01 µS. Automatic and manual calibration with recognition of 4 conductivity standards (84; 1413 µS, 12,88 and 111 mS) from 1 to 4 points with the calculation of the different cell constants and a standard defined by a user. Automatic change of scale, automatic and manual temperature compensation (0.0 ... 100.0 °C). Reference temperature (15 ... 30 °C), Linear temperature coefficient (0.00 ... 10.00%) and cell constant (C = 0.1 ... 10.0) selectable. Visualization on the display standards used for calibration. Intuitive management parameters through icons. integrated magnetic stirrer (only in version B) but also be positioned at a distance of 50 cm with independent control of the speed of agitation. Keyboard splash-proof IP54.

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