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BOD Analysis

BOD equipment is designed for Biochemical Oxygen Demand

(BOD analysis) in water and wastewater samples according to

official organizations.

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand is commonly known as BOD analysis
    It is a chemical procedure for determining the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by aerobic biological microorganisms in water


  • It is carried out on a given water sample at certain temp. over a specific period
    The results are most commonly expressed in milligrams of oxygen consumed per liter of sample at a constant temperature of 20 °C over a 5 day incubation period (BOD5), or during complete oxidation obtained after a maximum period of 30 days (BODultimate)


  • BOD analysis is widely used as an indication of the organic quality of water and the degree of organic pollution of water.
    Our solutions measure BOD according to Standard Methods 5210 D.


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