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23 Oct2017

Rigaku introduces a new X-ray diffractometer.

The new sixth generation MiniFlex™ X-ray diffractometer is the newest addition to MiniFlex series of benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers from Rigaku, widely used in research fields and in industry. It is a multipurpose analytical instrument that can determine: phase identification and quantification, percent crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement, and molecular structure. The MiniFlex XRD...Read More
23 Oct2017

Horiba proudly introduces the newest breakthrough in particle size technology.

The LA-960 is the highest performance laser diffraction analyzer available. The ability to measure real world samples down to median sizes of 30 nm and up to 5,000 µm is unique and extremely valuable for labs looking for flexibility. LA-960 performance in terms of repeatability, reproducibility, and instrument to instrument agreement is specified in great detail because the data supports the claims of highest performance. Some of the main features i...Read More
23 Oct2017

Olympus’ CX3 series — get comfortable in your routine

Olympus’ ergonomic CX3 series microscopes deliver superior comfort and reduced fatigue during long periods of routine microscopy. With a maintenance - and centring-free LED light source and a range of ergonomic features, the CX43 and CX33 are ideal for high-throughput and regular use. Combining exceptional user comfort with bright, uniform illumination, Olympus has launched two new microscopes optimised for long periods of routine observation. In th...Read More
08 Sep2017

Wirsam Scientific attended the Research day at TUT

Wirsam Scientific attended the Research day at Tshwane University of Technology on the 8th of September 2017. Our experts on Microscopy and General Laboratory had a chance to engage with stuents and see some of our world class products on display.Read More
07 Sep2017

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction is presenting their latest single crystal diffraction systems at HEC 20 in Wojanów, Poland

Rigaku Corporation is pleased to announce its attendance at the 20th Heart of Europe Bio-Crystallography Meeting (HEC), held in the Wojanów Palace in south-west Poland. The meeting will take place on September 28th-30th, 2017 and is organized by the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland. Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (ROD) is a sponsor of the event and is presenting its diverse lines of chemical and macromolecular cryst...Read More
07 Sep2017

Wirsam Scientific attended the VET Congress

Wirsam Scientific attended the VET Congress hosted by the University of Pretoria on the 7th of September 2017. Our industry experts had the opportunity to meet up with students and lecturers in the veterinary field and showcase some of our world class equipment. Read More
23 Aug2017

Wirsam Scientific hosted a RAMAN practical introductory course

Wirsam Scientific hosed a RAMAN practical introductory training course from the 23rd of August 2017 to the 1st of September 2017. Delegates that attended the course were taught basic microscopy, understanding RAMAN, as well as application of RAMAN spectroscopy an carbon and non-carbon nanostructure materials. The training course was presented by Dr R Erasmus from WITS University, Prof S C Ray from UNISA, Ms C Syrett from Wirsam Scientific as well as Dr Thi...Read More
15 Aug2017

Wirsam Scientific Attended the Lab Africa 2017

Wirsam Scientific attended the Lab and Analyzers Africa Exhibition from the 15th to the 17th of August 2017 that hosted over 500 local and international brands from the scientfic industry. We showcased some of our world class instrumentation, hosted live demo talks and spoke to thousands of people everyday.Read More
29 Jun2017

Wirsam Scientific now in Limpopo

Wirsam Scientific now has a presence in Limpopo with an application chemist doing sales and training on all analytical instrumentation. To share the good news with the mines operating on the chrome/platinum belt, Wirsam held a launch of the office in Burgersfort at Bonamanzi B&B inviting all smelters and mining laboratory personnel. The road show was opened with a general presentation followed by live demos on equipment including XRF (bench top and h...Read More
29 May2017

XRF Course hosted by Wirsam Scientific

From the 22 to the 26th of May XRF users from around South Africa and neighboring African countries gathered at the Wirsam Scientific head office in Johannesburg for an introductory course in Practical XRF Analysis. The course was well attended and delegates had the opportunity to expand their XRF knowledge in a theoretical and practical manner. Delegates were encouraged to bring their samples for testing, a large portion of the practical was dedicated to...Read More
16 May2017

Scientists at NASA leaping into nanospace

Scientists of the Glenn Research Center at NASA in Ohio have just acquired a TESCAN MAIA3, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with the Triglav™ ultra-high resolution (UHR) SEM column. The researchers will use the TESCAN MAIA3 microscope to analyze porous nanoscale structures of aerogels in clear detail. Aerogels are a class of lightweight materials typically made from silica and alumina with a sponge-like structure with pores of 10 to 50 n...Read More
27 Mar2017

Watch the webinar (recorded March 15, 2017)

For those of you who missed the AFSEM™ webinar on March 15, we have the recorded webinar online as a video.     Read More