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08 Mar2018

Wirsam Scientific attended the Undercover Farming Expo

Wirsam Scientific attended the Undercover Farming expo that was held on the 7th and 8th of March 2018 at the CSIR Convention centre in Pretoria. We had a change to showcase of world class instrumentation that can assist the argriculture farmers in analysing their plants and soil to provide a better quality product for end users. Read More
05 Mar2018

New type of field-emission electron gun by TESCAN

The field-emission electron gun module V3 is mounted on all microscopes of S8000 series, Triglav column (MAIA/GAIA/XEIA model 2016) and will be also used in other FE-SEMs of Generation 4. The electron gun module enables: • High currents up to 400 nA. • Fast changes of acceleration voltage, for example, 10 times faster from 1 kV to 30 kV. • More precise mechanical beam centering, for example, the values of gun electrical centering vary 30 tim...Read More
22 Feb2018

Fluorescence and Absorbance in one Spectrometer with the NEW Duetta from HORIBA!

From the global leaders in fluorescence comes a new bench-top instrument and a new concept for analytical molecular spectroscopy. The Duetta from HORIBA can be used as a fluorometer, as a UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer to measure absorbance, or as an instrument that measures true molecular fingerprints, which require the simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence and absorbance, correcting for IFE in real time. The ultra-fast, state-of-the-art CCD technology allows...Read More
07 Feb2018

CAMECA and TESCAN used to identify a stone not from this world!

The TESCAN VEGA 3 Tungsten Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the CAMECA SX100 Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (EPMA), were recently used in sample analysis conducted by researcher Professor Kramers and Dr Georgy Belyanin from the University of Johannesburg. The sample analysis was conducted with the aim of identifying the micro-mineral compounds of a rare pebble found in Egypt, with the hope of identifying its origin. The unusual micro-mineral compound...Read More
06 Feb2018

Robotic Sample Preparation now a viable option for African laboratories

Robotic sample preparation systems provide for the continuous production of high quality samples for analysis.  Automated systems typically require numerous repetitive tasks per day to justify replacing manpower in developing economies. However, in consideration of other issues such as productivity, safety and quality, robotics can provide an attractive business case for miners and laboratories across Africa. Benefits of Automation SAFETY: Remove...Read More
10 Jan2018

Wirsam Scientific attended MSSA 2017

Wirsam Scientific and Precision Equipment attended the 54th annual MSSA (Microscopy Society of South Africa) conference from the 4th to the 7th of December 2017. The conference was hosted by the NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in Port Elizabeth. The purpose of the MSSA is "to promote and develop microscopy and associated techniques at all levels in the Southern African region encourages inter...Read More
07 Dec2017

The NEW Mitsubishi KF titrators

High spec & performance Karl Fischer Moisture Meter   The new CA-310 is a convertible Karl Fischer moisture meter that can easily switched from coulometric to volumetric measurement or vice versa just by changing the titration cells. Titration cells can be connected up to 4 channels for simultaneous measurements. The user friendly Main Controller with 8.4 Inch LCD touch screen will enable users to control and access measurement data of each...Read More
07 Dec2017

Flash Point Testing made safe by Eralytics

THE SAFE SIDE OF FLASH POINT TESTING   The ERAFLASH measures according the continuously closed cup flash point testing methods ASTM D7094 and ASTM D6450. ASTM D7094 shows no statistical bias to the former ASTM D93 Pensky Martens method. The sample volume is only 2 ml. During measurements an electric arc ignites the sample vapor and the analyzer determines the flash point by the pressure change inside the closed cup. Flash point testing never was saf...Read More
31 Oct2017

Elemental analysis by WD-XRF: A Simplified Approach

Using WDXRF to detect elemental impurities offers a various set of benefits over other used techniques. It eliminates the need to prepare a solution and is more suitable for a manufacture setting. All quantitative analyses described in the article were performed using a Rigaku ZSX Primus IV sequential WDXRF spectrometer. The unit operates at a maximum power of 4 kilowatts and features an optics-above configuration. More information about elemental analysi...Read More
23 Oct2017

Rigaku introduces a new X-ray diffractometer.

The new sixth generation MiniFlex™ X-ray diffractometer is the newest addition to MiniFlex series of benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers from Rigaku, widely used in research fields and in industry. It is a multipurpose analytical instrument that can determine: phase identification and quantification, percent crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement, and molecular structure. The MiniFlex XRD...Read More
23 Oct2017

Horiba proudly introduces the newest breakthrough in particle size technology.

The LA-960 is the highest performance laser diffraction analyzer available. The ability to measure real world samples down to median sizes of 30 nm and up to 5,000 µm is unique and extremely valuable for labs looking for flexibility. LA-960 performance in terms of repeatability, reproducibility, and instrument to instrument agreement is specified in great detail because the data supports the claims of highest performance. Some of the main features i...Read More
23 Oct2017

Olympus’ CX3 series — get comfortable in your routine

Olympus’ ergonomic CX3 series microscopes deliver superior comfort and reduced fatigue during long periods of routine microscopy. With a maintenance - and centring-free LED light source and a range of ergonomic features, the CX43 and CX33 are ideal for high-throughput and regular use. Combining exceptional user comfort with bright, uniform illumination, Olympus has launched two new microscopes optimised for long periods of routine observation. In th...Read More