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05 Feb2019

The New Tescan S8000G

The  TESCAN S8000G  has all that it takes to meet the demands of today’s research in both industry and academia. It delivers outstanding image quality with superb contrast ideal for nanocharacterization and the capability to perform complex nanoengineering tasks with extreme precision and incomparable ease.

The TESCAN S8000G, fitted with a new SEM column - the BrightBeamTM, provides the benefit of versatility packaged with  field-free ultra-high resolution imaging, including the analysis of  magnetic samples  and  live SEM monitoring  of your FIB operations. On the other hand, the synergy of a  novel OrageTM  FIB column  fitted with state-of-the-art ion optics and the gas injection system, makes the TESCAN S8000G a world-class instrument for sample preparation and nanopatterning.