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15 Nov2016

OLYMPUS - Accelerating Experimental Success Through a Systematic Cell Culture Workflow



Speed, Accuracy and Standardization for Cell Culture.

An effective cell culture process lays the foundation for success in many application areas throughout life science and the pharmaceutical industry, from stem cell and cancer research to regenerative medicine. In order to ensure quality and reproducibility, the ability to clearly observe and document cells as they grow,proliferate and differentiate ex-vivo is central to following the progress of each culture at every stage of the workflow. Cell biologists must consider many fundamental aspects, and while how biologists manage each task often varies, modern laboratories are introducing approaches that ensure standardization and accurate documentation, alongside speed and efficiency.

· Standardizing conditions enhances experimental success, ensuring that samples are comparable. When cells are cultured in variable conditions, this alters growth patterns and in turn is highly likely to alter the gene expression of many cellular functions.

· Documenting results provides an accurate picture of cell behavior over time, allowing traceability for future reference, audits, peer review queries or patent applications.

· Speed and efficiency maintains culture health by minimizing the time cells remain outside optimum incubation conditions; while fast operation also frees up time for scientists to focus on other tasks.

These aims are facilitated by a range of highly optimized tools – from automated cell counters and software to specialized cell culture microscopes. Together these support a successful cell culture process that improves the reliability, reproducibility and ultimately the credibility of downstream experiments.