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29 Apr2020

Ambium Covid-19 Screening Software

Wirsam has a great opportunity to partner with Ambium and assist in creating awareness for their Covid-19 Screening software.


Based on guidelines published by the Department of Health, employers must implement a process of regular screening and/or testing of employees for possible COVID-19 infection.


A formal screening process identifies employees that may be infected to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within your company.

This protects your staff and allows your business to continue operating.


Proper use of a software solution will assist with the screening process and ensure results are recorded accurately. A good system will retain evidence that your company is complying with the regulations and provide access to individual results and statistics if called upon by the NICD or other organisations.


Ambium is a South African developed and owned clinic management software system. Founded in 2004, it is currently used in more than 1,500 occupational health clinics locally and internationally. Infectious Disease Screening is a new feature, which supports the screening and testing for infectious diseases such as COVID-19.


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