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12 Nov2019

Northern White Rhino IVF Project

Wirsam Scientific, the sales partner of Olympus, has together with Eppendorf made a commitment to the Rhino Repro group. Wirsam and Eppendorf have donated a top of the range microscope and micromanipulation system for in vitro fertilization, to further their work on the critically endangered Northern White rhino. The main aim of this project is to prevent the extinction of the Northern White rhino, the most endangered rhino type at present. There are only ...Read More
30 Sep2019

Practical XRF and Sample Preparation Course held at Wirsam Scientific

Practical XRF and Sample Preparation Course held at Wirsam Scientific Wirsam recently held its annual Practical XRF and Sample Preparation Course. The course was presented by Dr. Clive Feather, The London X-Ray Consulting Group as well as Wirsam Scientific’s George van der Walt. XRF users from across South and Southern Africa attended the week long course which consisted of lectures and practical sessions on the theory and practice of both waveleng...Read More
22 Aug2019

World's #1 Cloud Business System

Wirsam is pleased to have the world’s #1 cloud business system as a part of our business solution. Please see the below video that Netsuite produced using Wirsam Scientific as a business model.       Read More
01 Aug2019

Analytica Lab Africa 2019

Wirsam at Analytica Lab Africa 2019... Wirsam Scientific attended Analytica Lab Africa 2019 where they exhibited their innovative products to new and existing customers. Wirsam had over 20 products on display which allowed visitors to their stand to have hands on experiences with some of their world class equipment. They were greatly supported by their international supplier partners at the exhibition, which allowed for customers to interact directly wit...Read More
14 May2019

Focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM)

Focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) combines two beams (electron and ion) in one instrument. The SEM column provides high resolution imaging, while the FIB column enables the modification of the samples. A dual beam FIB-SEM system opens up a world of new capabilities enabling such applications which would otherwise not be possible to achieve with either of the standalone systems.   For more information: https://www.tescan...Read More
18 Apr2019

Olympus image of the year

Wirsam Scientific is proud to announce that one of it's long standing customers Johann Swanepoel from Just Pixels (Pty) LTD has won 3rd place in the Olympus Image of the Year 2018 competition, using a BX53 microscope. His remarkable image shows the intricate mouth brushes of a mosquito larva in great detail thanks to differential interference contrast microscopy. All entries where evaluated on artistic and visual aspects,scientific impact and microscope ...Read More
10 Apr2019

Fabrication of micropillars using the TESCAN LYRA3 FIB-SEM

Researchers have conducted a study with the goal to expand the repertoire of nanomechanical testing methods for SRS measurements through the design of micropillar strain rate jump tests on nanocrystalline nickel. The micropillars for the studies conducted in this work were prepared using TESCAN LYRA3 gallium focused ion beam scanning electron microscope.  For more information, please visit: More
01 Apr2019

Shape memory alloy characterization with the TESCAN LYRA3 FIB-SEM

In the present study the corrosion behaviour of a β CuAlBe shape memory alloy   containing stress-induced martensite in a 3.5% NaCl solution adjusted to pH 8 was analyzed, in view of its application as seismic dampers in bridges. This condition is intended to be a simple approximation for a sea water environment. The element distribution maps of samples were obtained using ToF-SIMS   analysis while  EBSD  &...Read More
29 Mar2019

3D Tomography of Zebrafish Embryos Examined with Xe Plasma FIB

In this application example, we show how the TESCAN Xe plasma FIB is suitable to performing large-volume FIB-SEM tomography of biological specimens offering higher resolution compared to conventional techniques such as CT, allowing the visualization and identification of specific features, organs and micro- and nanostructures. In particular, we demonstrate the viability of this technique by presenting a FIB-SEM tomography of a Zebrafish...Read More
13 Feb2019

First Virtual SIMS Laboratory in South Africa

The virtual SIMS laboratory at the University of the Witwatersrand provides access to the 1280-HR, housed at the Helmholtz GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ), in Germany via an internet link. Ion microprobes, also known as secondary ion mass spectrometers, use a finely focused ion beam to sputter the surface of a solid sample. A small percentage of the material liberated from the polished surface of the sample is ionised, and these secondary ions are acc...Read More
05 Feb2019

The New Tescan S8000G

The  TESCAN S8000G  has all that it takes to meet the demands of today’s research in both industry and academia. It delivers outstanding image quality with superb contrast ideal for nanocharacterization and the capability to perform complex nanoengineering tasks with extreme precision and incomparable ease.The TESCAN S8000G, fitted with a new SEM column - the BrightBeamTM, provides the benefit of versatility packaged with&nbs...Read More
14 Jan2019

Effective particle size and analysis by Haver and Boecker

HAVER & BOECKER is one of the world's leading wire weaving companies. They also produce woven wire cloth for HAVER Particle Analysis, especially for test sieves. Test sieves and test sieve shakers are prescribed for conventional sieve analysis  of bulk material, whereby HAVER Particle Analysis sets benchmarks in quality and diversity. We offer the greatest variety of test sieves concerning all relevant standards and designs and also la...Read More