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Toni Technik:

An Effective Partner: The Zwick-Roell Group Toni Technik is a member of the Zwick-Roell Group. The Zwick-Roell Group of companies is world leader in the field of materials and components testing. They have long-term experience and see themselves, as a medium sized company, especially responsible to your customers and prospects. The strategy of the group is to serve the various segments of the materials testing machine market with specialist companies and divisions. In 2004 the Group employed approx. 700 staff in its global operations, taking in total revenues of 94 million euros. In line with recent market trends, we have consistently driven the changeover from a purely manufacturing concern to a global service enterprise in the field of building materials testing. In addition to supplying precise, innovative, and reliable testing machines, we also offer materials test engineering, project management, operator training, calibration, and machine overhauls and upgrades
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Compression Tester

Compression Test Plant ToniZEM   Test plant in a compact desi...
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Flexure Tester

Multi-Purpose Load Frame - Model 2075   Multi-purpose load fram...
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Toni Set Compact

ToniSET Compact Automatic, computer-controlled Vicat needle instrument prov...
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ToniMIX Basic

ToniMIX Basic   Mortar mixer for the standard-compliant preparati...
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ToniPERM Standard - Air Permeability Tester according to Blaine   ...
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ToniSET One

ToniSET One   Automatic Vicat needle instrument providing one measuri...
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Toni Con

Compression Test Plant ToniCON   Fully automatic test plant in comp...
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Toni Norm

ToniNORM is an expandable modular system for the automatic, computer-controlled ...
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ToniSET Two

Automatic Vicat needle instrument providing two measuring stations for the deter...
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ToniSET Expert

Automatic, computer-controlled Vicat needle instrument with up to 12 measu...
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Vibrating Table ToniVIB

Performance unit for the standard-compliant compaction of cement mortar and othe...
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Lime Analyzer ToniLIME

The analyzer TonLIME is designed to determine the content of free, uncombined li...