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Welcome to the EMSIS GmbH All new electron microscopy imaging company with decades of experience Started 1st of June 2015 the EMSIS GmbH, located in Münster Germany, is the successor of the well-known Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions (OSIS) GmbH EMIC product group. EMSIS will continue with the entire scope of the EMIC business, from selling known and new EM imaging products to the support of existing products and installations worldwide. The offered product range includes the previous OSIS TEM camera models, imaging software for SEM and TEM, services and training. EMSIS members have many years of experience supporting remotely or locally the entire SIS and OSIS product range. All services needed from hotline support to hardware repairs including warranty claims will be provided.
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11 megapixel bottom-mounted TEM camera   The Quemesa provides everything ...
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The New EM Imaging Software   RADIUS is our visionary software for electr...
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The TEM Imaging Platform   The TEM imaging platform iTEM is s...
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The SEM Imaging Platform   Scandium is our imaging platform f...