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A&D Company Limited:

Products developed from A&D's unique skills in analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion technology have helped to produce state-of-the-art equipment, including electronic balances, scales, weighing indicators and blood pressure monitors. Our range allows users to measure accurately in innovative ways that fit their individual needs, while at the same time providing cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly products. A&D has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services while rapidly responding to international needs for innovative and accurate measurement tools. A primary strategy is superior customer satisfaction. A&D constantly analyzes market needs around the world to develop a full range of products for business, industry, education and healthcare use. Systems for measurement, control and simulation, FFT analyzers, noise and vibration comparators, digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, digital ultrasonic thickness gages and material testing machines. Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and electron guns. Electronic balances, digital platform scales, weighing indicators, weighing controllers, various industrial weighing equipments, weighing and measuring data processing system load cells. Digital blood pressure monitors for professional use, various medical scales for professional use, digital blood pressure monitors for household use, digital bath scales, ultrasonic nebulizers for household use.
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Compact Balances EK-i/EW-i Series

Hygienic and chemically resistant stainless steel (SUS304) weighing panAdjustabl...
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Compact Precision Balances EJ Series

High resolution (1/120,000 - 1/310,000) load cell as the weight sensorBreeze bre...
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Precision Balance FZ-i/FX-i Series

High-speed weighing with 1-second stabilizationCompact footprint: 198 mm ×...
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IP65 Dust & Waterproof Precision Balances FZ-iWP/FX-iWP Series

IP65 compliant, dust and waterproofHigh-speed weighing with 1-second stabilizati...
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IP65 Dust & Waterproof Precision Industrial Balances GX-K/GF-K Series

IP65 compliant, dust and waterproofAdjustable response characteristics to help c...
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IP65 Dust & Waterproof Precision Industrial Balances GP Series

IP65 compliant, dust and waterproof Adjustable swing arm display (models with de...
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Analytical Balances GH Series

Semi-micro, 0.01 mg resolution up to 101 g (GH-252)Adjustable (manual or automat...
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Analytical Balances GR Series

Semi-micro, 0.01 mg resolution up to 42 g (GR-202) Handy lever on the front to o...
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Analytical Balances HR-i Series

Semi-micro, 0.01 mg resolution up to 51 g (HR-202i)Adjustable response character...
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Analytical Balances HR-AZ/HR-A Series

High-speed weighing with 2-second stabilizationRemovable, shatterproof breeze br...
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GX-A/GF-A Series Balances

Multi-Functional Precision Balance GX-A/GF-A Series   Impact shock...