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13 Mar2018
13 Feb2018

Ducom Shear Stability Tester KRL webinar

Ducom is hosting a webinaar on their shear stability tester on Tuesday 13 March  2018 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM CAT.

Polymers used in oils should remain stable during a range of rheological and tribological operating conditions. Unstable polymers in oils can reduce the operational efficiency (ex. excavators used in mining ) and increase friction and wear (ex. Gears and engine components). Therefore, an investigation on the stability of oils is important for mining and transportation. In this webinar we will describe the tools available for measuring the shear stability of oils. And, it will cover the following points,

1. Description of widely used test standard CEC-L45-99.

2. Design of a New KRL type Shear Stability Tester (Independent of a Four Ball Tester)

3. Discussion on the KRL test results for the Engine oils, Transmission oils and Hydraulic oil fluids.