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VELP Scientifica offers extremely reliable laboratory instruments and solutions, suitable for high performance on many applications.

In a constantly evolving scientific world, research is in need of increasingly stricter controls to be carried out with reliable equipment that offers accurate conditions. VELP is devoted to providing analytical instruments with essential solutions for the analyst: stirrers and mixers.

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Heating Magnetic Stirrers

VELP Scientifica offers a wide range of hot plate stirrers with single-place or ...
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Magnetic Stirrers

VELP Scientifica magnetic stirrers offer solutions for diversified laboratory ap...
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ARE/AREX-6 Series Hot Plate Stirrers

The AREX-6 Digital versions are the most advanced VELP hot plate stirrers offeri...
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Overhead Stirrer

VELP Scientifica offers a complete range of overhead stirrers with electronic ad...
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Vortex Mixers

VELP Scientifica has developed a wide range of vortex mixers suitable for mixing...
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Vertex Digital Thermoregulators

VELP Scientifica Digital Thermoregulators are equipped with Fuzzy Logic Technolo...
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Heating Plates

VELP Scientifica heating plates are extremely safe, simple and affordable instru...
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The ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing and mixing biological tissues (c...