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Balances and Moisture Analysers:

Balances and Moisture Analysers

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Analytical Balances BM Series

 Instant and smooth static elimination using a built-in fanless ionizer to ...
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Carat Balances FZ-CT/FX-CT Series

Removable, shatterproof breeze break with antistatic coatingSimple and clear rev...
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Mass Comparators MC Series

Stabilizing filter to minimize errors due to drafts or vibrations Extra decimal ...
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Precision Balance GX/GF Series

High-speed weighing with 1-second stabilization Adjustable response characterist...
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Industrial Precision Balances

IP65 compliant, dust and waterproofAdjustable swing arm display (models with det...
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Compact Balance

Compact, lightweight and extremely affordable while providing excellent explosio...
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Moisture Analysers MS-70 / MX-50 / MF-50 / ML-50

Low moisture content measurement at 10 ppm (0.001%) resolution (MS-70) ...
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Production Weighing System

Fast stabilization (0.5 sec. at 1 mg and 1.3 sec. at 0.1 mg)Slim size (59 mm wid...
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Educational Compact Scale HT Series

Three color bars to sort scales easily Stackable carrying case that economizes s...
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Platform Scales HV-G / HW-G Series

Triple weighing ranges (HV-G), or 1/10,000 high resolution (HW-G)Large and clear...
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Platform Scales FG Series

High-speed weighing with 1-second stabilizationDisplay unit either on a column (...
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Compact Balances EK-i/EW-i Series

Hygienic and chemically resistant stainless steel (SUS304) weighing panAdjustabl...